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Connecting with people in different contexts and developing communication skills is one of the most important goals for our lessons.

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If you are traveling in a Spanish speaking country, the first step is talking with people around you. From a simple conversation with the man who sells avocados to an important meeting with a business partner, conversations is the key to connect with people. Thats why I will show you how to use correctly the language in different contexts.

Personal Interest

Business, travel, or lover who speak spanish? Depends on your interest, I will design a personalized program to achieve your goals for learning spanish together.

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Are you learning to travel? Maybe you go to move up to a Spanish speaking country. Or maybe you found a partner or a lover. There's a ton of reasons why to learn this beautiful language. I will design our lessons in such way that we will focus in the goals that you care most about.

Flexible schedule and videocall lessons

According to your availability and time zone, you can book every lesson using my Calendly and later join our meeting by Zoom

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No more boring and rigid school-like schedule! With me, you choose your own timetable and program your lessons. At your own time, at your own rhythm. Our lessons are via Zoom, so you could take your cellphone and find your favorite spot to learn. Lets say goodbye to the classroom.

New friends

In addition to our one-to-one lessons, we have a community of students who join us in our online events to share and have fun with us.

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There's nothing more joyful than learn with new friends. My goal is that every student not just only learn Spanish, but enjoy his lessons! Regulary, we make activities with my students, where we play games to test/improve our spanish level, have fun taking some virtual drinks. Also, we listen and produce out own podcast and share with eachother. Learning is better when is fun.

Feedback and active practicing

After every lesson, you're going to receive feedback and material for practicing and preparing for our next meeting.

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Let's discover amazing places and people while you learn Spanish. I will send you books, podcast, videos, etc. that helps you to improve your language level. Also, material to practice your new skill while you wait for your next lesson.

Hi, I'm Ángela, I'll be teaching you Spanish

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A true teacher!

I'm a professional educator and researcher.  I have more than 4 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language, so you can be sure that you are going to have fun and also you are going to learn a lot.


You choose your classroom

At your house, in your work or while you travel!
You can choose where do you want to learn this beautiful language

Truly personal

Every lesson is carefully prepared with deeply understanding of each student learning process.
Forget about those boring and repetitive programs!


What my students say

More than 4000 hours of lessons!

"I have been taking lessons with Angela for over two months and each class is better than the last. She does a great job of providing some basic structure for the lessons while still allowing time for small talk about things like Latin American TV shows and culture. She’s always prepared for classes and is excellent at communicating and teaching in a way that is easy to understand. I can’t recommend Angela enough!"
David Wittman
Austin, USA
"Angela is great to work with. I took Spanish lessons with her for 3 months. She works hard to customize the learning to match your skill level and interests. She is fun, patient and easy to talk to. She loves her culture and is excited to share it with you"
Tim Nelson
Los Angeles, USA
"Angela is probably the best Spanish teacher I have ever had. She’s super patient and her explanations are totally comprehensible and logical. Moreover, she is flexible with the hours and even though I live in Germany we would always find a way to make classes work. Thank you a lot for helping me out with my Spanish, Angela! I improved sooo much because of you!"
Maike Seifert
Fürth, Germany
"When I began taking Spanish lessons with Angela, I didn't speak a word of Spanish (well, ok - I knew "Hola!" and "Gracias!"). I wanted to learn Spanish because I was traveling a lot in South America at the time and wanted to be able to communicate better while traveling. After just one month, I was able to have complete and easy conversations with people I met, and was able to do everyday tasks while communicating entirely in Spanish."
Alexis Mintz
Camarillo, USA

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Frequently asked questions

How long it will take me to speak and understand Spanish?

Probably, this is one of the most common questions when someone is starting to learn a language and I'll be honest. There are some many methods which promise that you will be fluent and proficient in the language in less than 3 months. Maybe it works but this depends on many factors: a) the time you'll  spend every day for practicing with different materials (at least 20 minutes), b) the time you're expossore to listen the language (live speaking, videos, music, movies), c) what are your goals.

Is Spanish hard to learn??

It's easy in the way you enjoy and practice talking in Spanish. Spanish is a romance language which means that if you know something or a lot of about another romance language as: French, Italian, Portuguese, or others... probably is going to be easier and faster to learn Spanish. But also is important to say that it's true that when a you're a kid is much easier to learn a second or a third language because the brain is more flexible but I had have students up to 70 years old with a incredible learning process. So it's easy as you can see it.

Is latino american Spanish different from european spanish?

The answer is yes! There are so many differences between both and probably one of the biggest differences is the accent, even in Latin America we have a ton of accents and many people say: Colombia has the most neutral accent. Another important difference is: Spain is the only country where it uses one extra pronoun> "vosotros". Central America and Latin America we use "ustedes" instead of "vosotros" which means: "all of you/you all".But one important thing is make clear  that Spanish speakers can all understand each other, so doesn't matter if you learn Spanish from México, Colombia, Guatemala... and you visit Spain, because you're going to be able to understand them.

How can I schedule and reschedule my lessons?

I use Calendly as a practical way for booking my meetings but also you can send me a message if you prefer by Whatsapp or at my email. And also if you need to change or cancel a lesson you can go to my Calendly and click on the option: "Reschedule Event" or "Cancel Event".

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